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From: Nancy Riddle
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 20:30:58 2011

Hello Mr. Mayne : Iam playing Patience  for 5 years . It's really addictive .my favorites are Antartica. Baby Spiderette and Diplomacy . I am an old old  old person. Your game  keep my leftovers brains alive . ha !!ha!!  Muchas gracias from Iowa  USA.


From: Mark Miller
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 16:11:20 2011

Hello David,

I just went back to your web site as I am planning on forwarding it to a friend who is hooked on Klondike and who I am trying to have explore the myriad other versions of solitaire/patience. Came upon the guest book section so thought that I would also write this little complimentary note about the enjoyment you have provided me with the literal scores of games you have incorporated on you site.

Every once in a while I actually win one, but the fun is in the playing, although winning definitely does add to the excitement – regardless, thanks for the endless entertainment….

Mark Miller, Sandy Springs, Georgia USA

From: Sharon
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 22:17:24 2011

Dearly loved Patience for my Palm. Now have Patience-revisited for Android and Patience 2.5 for Windows. I miss Tabby Cat in the Windows version. Thanks so much for making these wonderful games available!

From: Barbara Plaetzer-Neumann
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 15:33:56 2011

Thank you very much for the Patience game - it brings me hours of joy!


From: Julia Fransson
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 23:23:23 2010

Hey David, this year it´s the first time I´m having the pleasure to listen to your solitaire x-mas jingle (you should know that I didn´t have any speakers that were doing their job until this summer)- which made me remember you and your nice answer to my mail, that really delighted me. So I wish you a merry christmas, too! Actually it should be a silent night I should whish to you, when I listen to the music properly- but that´s not what I´m ganna have. I hope that your life is closer to a beautiful one than it was in september. Mine is as cool as ever. I just enjoy the good things and ignore the bad ones. I think that´s a good trick as long as you don´t let things slide which really can make trouble. For example I´m not going to see my family on christmas (like every year). And tomorrow I´ll be going out for a concert of my friends- here comes the link (just in case that you don´t have anything better to do): www.myspace.com/eloperocks That´ll be great! I guess you´ve already noticed that I´m drunken. 4 beers and that´s it (but actually I mean all that stuff I wrote seriously). Anyway, I wish you a nice time with or without your family and that everything will be better next year, ´cause that is what it should be unless something´s going the wrong way.

Yours sincerely, Julia

From: Alejandro Lay
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 01:26:12 2010


Just thought of dropping you a line to say thanks for the game. Best Wishes from Mexico City, Mexico.


From: Edson Blanchard
Date: Sun 5 Sep 14:41 2010

I am hooked on Patience!

S. Edson Blanchard

From: Julia Fransson
Date: Sat 4 Sep 09:23 2010

My dear friend David Mayne, I know that you don´t know me but I´m really having warm feelings for you !

It´s a few years ago that I was searching for a free solitaire game. And that´s when I found your site, downloaded patience and since then I´m using it almost every day! Every morning before work I´m having a nice coffee and I like it best with an even nicer turn of Alaska! Imagine this: 2 weeks ago a weird Pop-up emerged saying I reached a new High Score. Trying to understand what that should mean to me I found out that this was my best result for the last 2 years!

Anyway I´m a more satisfied person with your patience games than without. And this is what I wanted you to know after so many years of companionship! Thank you very much for that! And I hope that your life is as beautiful as it can be!

Best wishes from Germany to England from Julia

From: Brian
Date: Sat 3 Jul 12:51 2010

David, you are Patience Personified. The way you grappled with my download problem was nothing short of astounding.That you could find the time to aid one little Aussie mate from Downunder should be a lesson to all webmasters. The promptness of your replies, time and the effort put in is greatly appreciated I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your great program to all and sundry. Thank you once again.

Brian.   Perth Western Australia.

From: Josh Marshall
Date: Mon 28 Jun 13:21 2010

Hello my name is also david mayne I enjoy the 60s as well I only wish I had been there. I like austin powers yeah baby yeah

Regards Josh:)

From: Dany
Date: Sun 21 Feb 23:04 2010

merci...pour votre jeu patience..je suis presentement conge maladie...et j'apprecie bcp.xxx

From: Frankie
Date: Tue 08 Dec 14:15 2009

Hello David

I just love your Patience program I have just updated to the new addition. I am going to vote you my number 1 buddy of the year.

Thank you


From: Mrs.Shimel
Date: Mon 07 Dec 01:30 2009

Just want to thank you for your great games. My husband & I are early 70's so we put in a lot of time on the computer. It is great for our brain.

Again "Thank You " so much.


From: F.de Romsee
Date: Sat 12 Sept 19:00 2009

Thank you so much, David, for these fine Card Games and for your efforts for making this program.

Kind regards, Françoise (Catalunya-Spain)

From: Christine Mayne
Date: Sat 18 Jul 04:30 2009

Dear David, I came across your U tube videos and looked farther to notice your last name.  I married Mike Mayne from Devon and thought to just drop you a line.   Have a good day; and thanks for your posted videos I enjoyed them very much.

Sincerely, Mrs. Christine Mayne   (Michael James Mayne)  Anchorage, Alaska

From: Mike Larkin
Date: Fri 17 Jul 11:54 2009

Thanks very much for Patience which we are enjoying very much. We have enjoyed Alaska, Diplomat and Blockade so far.  Midshipmen, after a win ratio of .06% we have forsaken!

Again, thanks

Salem, Oregon

From: Marilyn Jones
Date: Fri 14 Jul 23:52 2009
URL: http://www.goatview.com

Thanks so much for Patience--I've had hours and hours of fun with it.


From: Murray Smith
Date: Sun 14 Jun 12:38:57 2009

Hi David,

Finding your Patience games has been so wonderful. My wife and I are 72 and we appreciate the challenges you have created for our brains!!  So...thank you.

Best wishes

From: Tony Halfpenny
Date: Wed 10 Jun 08:37:14 2009

Hi David,

Just a line to say thanks for your program. It's so much better than a commercial product I
recently received as a present.Comparing it to yours is like comparing a Lada to a Rolls Royce.
I hope these words provide a little compensation for your generous spirit in making this fine
work freely available.

From: Stefania
Date: Thu 15 Jan 04:32:52 2009


i want to send a big ' thank youuu' for the card games and because i never heard lena zavaroni before i don't know here til tonight, and... i don't like this kind of music but now i know her she was a really good singer i say this in italian, try to understand me, i don't speak english very well

un personaggio davvero interessante, una voce straordinaria e una storia umanamente toccante. non avevo mai sentito parlare di lei e grazie a te ora ho potuto cercando solitari ho imparato qualcosa ( i was looking for solitaires and i find something to learn... più o meno!!...) la penso esattamente come te riguardo alla caccia alla volpe, e non solo quella vorrei poter scrivere di più ma il mio inglese è pessimo ( translate (maybe... ^_^):i should to write more but i don't know english very well!!!)

Stefania from italy

From: Helga
Date: Sun Dec 28 14:14:29 2008

Dear David,

Many thanks for your Christmas greetings. I answer warmly. Your games are so enjoyabele that I would like to thank you very much. A happy New Year, and stay healthy.

Your Helga (Germany)

From: Gemma Laming
Date: Fri Nov 14 19:19:31 2008

Dear David Mayne,

this is to thank you for the wonderful patience games you have made for all of us! 

With fondest regards, Gemma Laming, Utrecht NL.

From: Ken
Date: Sun August 27 06:48:21 2008


I have just downloaded your Patience game for my wife to use. I Just  want to say thanks as I have been trying to find a suitable simple version to install for ages.She wil actually use this one,

Thanks Again Ken

From: Peter
Date: Fri March 14 11:00:25 2008


Congratulations on the best selection of patience games on the web. Gradually working my way through alphabetically and delighted to crack Alaska on the 29th attempt. Love the explosive celebrations when greeted with success. I think I downloaded the beta version and the menus don't drop down as I'm sure you intended. Only the icon bar works for me running XP SP2. I learnt the Walter de la Mare poem when I was a lad and he was still alive. Part of the text is displayed on a hotel wall in Guildford for people to wonder about as they sit at the traffic lights facing west on the A3. Still gives me a chill after all these years. Thanks again. I look forward to wasting a significant chunk of my twilight years playing your games.


From: Peter S Wood
Date: Sat March 01 11:11:26 2008

Hi. A success is a mistake that's got through the system & a mistake is a success that no one has spotted

Kind Regards

Peter S Wood

From: cvjasbill
Date: Sun December 23 16:44:46 2007

Hello, David. I am an almost 60 year old female, happily married for 38 years, mother of six and grandmother. I play mostly solitaire games on my computer, as well as dabble in writing childrens' stories. I am extremely fragrance and chemical sensitive and often am too weak to do much more than move a mouse so am thankful for your willingness to share your card program Patience. Thank you. I appreciate your kindness.


From: Nick Chadwin
Date: Fri December 7 12:19:19 2007

Couldn't agree more about "The Listeners". Your comment on fox hunters is unkind to smegheads however. All the best Nick Chadwin

From: Ulla
Date: Thu November 15 20:43:26 2007

Hi, Mr.D. M.

I like playing patience and today I have downloaded your last collection. I am highly  amused ( sure not the  right word to say, that I like it, sorry) and I was

playing some happy time with a friend of mine. I had downloaded and played also the collection before, otherwise I had not been interestet in the new one.

So thanks to you for your work.

There is a little thing, I would like to corect : Blitzkrieg is a German  word,  I am German. Blitzkrieg is nothing I am proud of, it is a Nazi - invention and

was a  Nazi  strategy. But the word is Blitzkrieg, not Blitzkreig, as you use it in both  collections. It would be better, I think, to correct this.

Ecuse my poor English. Would be nice, to have mail of  you.


From: Caroline
Date: Tue October 9 09:53:36 2007

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play Patience.

                                        Caroline from the Netherlands

From: Colin
Date: Wed July 11 20:28:57 2007

Dear David

                        Great set of patience games, the only little grouse I have is that a win is dependant on points in the games, one can win a game, but because the points are lower than previous wins it does not recognise it as a win. So in due course one could run out of genuine wins, when all the high scores fill  the statistics menu.

Yours Colin

From: Carl
Date: Sun July 1 02:47:20 2007

Hi, I'm from New Hampshire in the U.S.A.; real nice game.


From: Corinne & Gerry Albert
Date: Fri April 6 17:31:08 2007
URL: www.gerioke.com

I surfed in from nonags. We have similar tastes in movies and music. I downloaded your card games but was unfamiliar with most of them. (I'm from Canada) I hope things are well for you. God Bless

From: Mauricette Declercq
Date: Sat February 24 11:18:12 2007

no questions, simply an immense thank you for your work.
excuse me as I cannot write in English.
your card game is magic, my preferred game is KLONDIKE which I play everyday.
the poem is very soft.
yours sincerely,
mauricette declercq

Original text:

pas de questions, simplement un immense merci pour votre travail
je n'écris pas l'anglais et je vous demande de m'en excuser
vos cartes sont magiques, mon jeu préféré est le KLONDIQUE, je suis tous les jours sur ce jeu..
la poésie est trés douce
je pense bien à vous
mauricette declercq

From: Mario Verschuur
Date: Mon February 12 17:00:45 2007

Dear mr. Mayne,
First I'd like to compliment you on the nicely implemented Cardtable classes. I just downloaded them from Torry and working my way through the code, I realised that they can be very usefull in virtually every cardgame. I read on your homepage that a version 3 is in the making and was wondering if sources of these components are already available?
Since I'm trying to develop some (popular) typically old dutch card games and have the heuristics for the games (still largely in theory) worked out, I'd like to put Cardtable to use for the visual representation. Visual Delphi stuff is not one of my favourite subjects and since you already did such a wonderfull job at it, it would be hard to beat anyway.
If the results of my work proof to be any good, I can always send a copy of the program.
Kind regards, and thanks again for your efforts,
Mario Verschuur

From: Helen Jansen
Date: Sat February 10 05:40:40 2007

Dear David,

I share your taste in poetry. Thank you.

Helen Jansen

From: Cor
Date: Tue February 6 11:18:06 2007

I only will like to tell you that i like your programm . Only one small thing. When I play a card to see what is under it i get a 300 point minus. Thats all. Keep up the good work

Met vriendelijke groet


From: Rita
Date: Sat January 27 13:07:45 2007

thank you for this wonderful software. It must have taken a big effort but it's quite good - far more than many commercial apps.
You may also report this sign of appreciation on your guestbook, if you like. Sure you deserve it.

One question: after having won twice at "American Toad" i found that the game is still reported as "Games: Not Won". What may this depend on?
Cheers from Italy.


From: Liz
Date: Tue January 23 22:08:41 2007

hi !
thanks v. much indeed for your lovely freeware patience games software.
you are so generous to make this available.
i love your favourite poem too - i don't know if you've heard of a singer called Loreena McKennitt, but she is a folky type singer ( beautiful whimsical,ethereal voice,harps etc) and she has put this poem, and many others ( the highwayman for one) to music.
i'd suggest you find the song if you haven't heard it, it will make you cry, it is so lovely.
just wanted to share that with you, as a kind of "thankyou" for your game.
are you accepting donations towards development costs ?
if so please put a paypal link.
thanks v much and happy new year


From: Dogma
Date: Sun January 21 20:10:17 2007

I’m almost ninety. Lived in Romford, Essex many, many moons ago. I shall be testing how many marbles I have left in my head with this lot. Of course I shall be knocked for a loop passing this on to my daughter. I hate fox hunting too, air heads with nothing better to do than watch a poor animal torn to shreds. At least the Oz shoots them. Good luck David. May the wind always be at your back.

From: Ron Wilcox
Date: Sat January 6 12:06:52 2007

Many thanks for the games...one of the best sites i have seen..
It might amuse you to learn that i found your site through reading The Bangkok Post....but I did have a wee problem actually finding the site on the net.......and only a careful re-reading of the article solved the problem.....they had given your site address as davidmaybe...which of course did not exist
and still in Kettering?I used to know it fairly well, when i lived in Irthlingborough....many moons ago...............

From: John Wingate
Date: Wed Jan 3 12:26:09 2007
URL: http://www.portablefreeware.com/

Thanks for patience!
A very nice product.

You might be interested to know that it has been posted to ... [See url above.]


From: Ingo
Date: Thu Dec 21 16:26 2006

Hi David,
Sorry, can write you unfortunately not in English.
Am very enthused of your program.
Greeting to England
Ingo, Germany

Original text translated by Babel Fish:

Hi David,
Sorry, kann dir leider nicht auf englisch schreiben.
Bin sehr begeistert von deinem Programm.
Gruß nach England
Ingo, Germany

From: Peter
Date: Mon Dec 4 21:59:00 2006
Message:   hi

This program is really good . thank  you.  It will take weeks to go
through the lot...


Pete UK
From: Graham
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 19:34:59
Message:   Hi David,
Am downloading your patience.exe at present, thanks, as I enjoy card games
a lot. The other games for your interest I enjoy are HERETIC and HEXEN. I
see you are a Science fiction fan, I was too when I was about 13. Now, at a
ripe old age of 66+, I still enjoy! Have a collection of - perhaps - 2000
books, horror, fantasy, science fiction. Favourite authors - J G Ballard,
Robert Silverberg, Jeff Noon, James Herbert, Dean Koontz, Paul Mcauley, Joe
Donnelly, to mention a few.

Read the poem. Used to write a few.

Cheers and enjoy the rest of your life
Graham Grieve
New Zealand

From: Craig
Date: Wed Mar 1 13:21:39 2006
Message:   just a quick hello!
Date: Thu Feb 23 23:50:57 2006
Message:   Hello David hope you are well! I was surfing for the name Mayne when you popped up,as you can see I am also a Mayne, I originate from Coventry and I am 28yrs young,over the past few years I have come to realise that our surname is quite rare, I wonder if you have ever researched its origin, I'am aware of very distant connexions to Bristol and China, although the trial goes very cold with the start of the II World War. I trully would be interested on any differing info you may be aware of!
From: David Mayne
Date: Mon Feb 6 04:00:51 2006
Message:   well me and my family were lookin at google images and i searched my name which is in fact david mayne funny kinda haha anyways yeah i thought it was real cool that we have the same names so yeah see ya later
From: colombia
Date: Sat Feb 4 04:13:01 2006
Message:   hello. my name is jorge luis r. Mayne from tuluá- colombia. i don´t speak a good english. i only want know a litle more of you. for you appel. my granfather was of england. pronto tal vez vaya a uk y deseo conocer gente, amigos. tal vez . gracias chao
From: David Mayne
Date: Mon Jan 23 00:53:36 2006
Message:   My name also is David Mayne, I was born in Uxbridge, England in Sep, 1932. I came to Australia in 1949, I have retired now and am very happy here.
From: David Mayne
Date: Sat Dec 31 18:05:53 2005
Message:   I am also David Mayne, are any other of the David Mayne's on here worth any money? If so I'm interested in stealing your identy.
 mwuh ha ha ha
From: terry mayne
Date: Wed Dec 21 11:34:54 2005
Message:   merry xmas.
 i live in northants and thought i would say hello
 terry mayne and the rest of the maynes
From: David Mayne
Date: Tue Nov 1 23:47:19 2005
Message:   Well, seems I'm not the only one! I knew that anyway, but its nice drop a line to another David Mayne. I'm also interested in computer games and movies - but then so are lots of people. Best wishes and good luke with your site etc
From: Henryk Poland
Date: Wed Oct 26 08:51:02 2005
Message:   Hi David,
 I'm looking for solution There is an idea of mine, to write in Delphi6 prof
 the Holy Bible I do not know, how to search in a big file text as a choice of User ? Can U help me ?
From: Ingo Berg
Date: Sun Oct 16 02:55:52 2005
Message:   Visited your site via Torry's. I like it. It is very sincere and elegant in a minimalistic way. Good job. - Ingo.
From: lenny Mayne
Date: Sun Aug 21 14:11:54 2005
Message:   Hi david i found your site on google and guess what my surname is Mayne to and my fathers name is David mayne
From: Antonio Carlos
Date: Wed Apr 27 20:14:54 2005
Message:   Hello David !
 I'm Antonio Carlos I from Brazil, Congratulations !
 I think it is one of the best card components what a see.
 Can you send me another example ? I have delphi7 and i can't run and install this components I don't know why.
 Can't you help me ?
 Nice to meet you David!
From: juan mayne
Date: Wed Apr 13 01:22:59 2005
Message:   hello from mexico
From: ShadowCloud
Date: Mon Feb 28 17:19:00 2005
Message:   Vision without action is a daydream-
 Action without vision is a nightmare.
 Thanx for helping me out!!!
From: julien
Date: Sun Jan 30 18:44:39 2005
Message:   I am a senior(55y) , do a litle (card games)programming in my free time.
 It will take some time before I understand the code , but I think it is
 one of the best card components I have
 seen for many years.(sorry for typos)
From: David Mayne
Date: Wed Jan 19 05:01:09 2005
Message:   I just wanted to say hello to a person who shared my name. I live in Eagan MN (USA), and came across your web-site while searching for something. Nice to meet you David!
From: Bobyrev Denis aka DeN812
Date: Tue Dec 7 04:57:54 2004
Message:   Hello.
 Big thanks for your component (CardTable).
From: terry mayne
Date: Tue Nov 23 14:18:46 2004
Message:   hello Mr Mayne from Mr Mayne
From: Lawrence Mayne
Date: Fri Nov 5 03:00:03 2004
Message:   I have the same last name. I hated my school, I live in Australia. Am studying Computer programming, (ICarnegie). Also vote Labour. Like shooting foxes through, they're a pest over here and my dogs need to eat, plus the pelts can turn up nice.Do you come from anywhere near 'kent'? my grandpa used to live there. Bye
From: Diana Mayne
Date: Thu Oct 21 01:10:12 2004
Message:   Hi:
 I live in Bogotá, Colombia and I´m feeling delighted for finding someone with the same last name. In my country, my family is the only one to have the name Mayne. I´m studying Journalism and Radio Production. I have a beagle and hate fox hunters too. Goodbye and good luck!
From: omer Yasar Can
Date: Sat Oct 2 10:38:50 2004
Message:   Thanks for the source!
 Omer from Holland
From: david mayne
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:23:51 2004
Message:   my name is also david mayne. it is great. i have lots of friend most are imaginery. im also iliterate and cant spel. hate rob lapworth i think he gay. do you no a rob lapworh. thank have a great year from your fellow name buddy david mayne
From: John
Date: Thu Aug 12 12:17:04 2004
Message:   Looking at CardTable, nicely written robust code. Could do with some more examples :)
Date: Sun May 30 02:13:49 2004
Message:   Nice ezy to navigate site.