My name is David Mayne. I live in Kettering, England.

I develop websites using Joomla and Wordpress with php and javascript. I currently volunteer at Kettering Mind on Wednesday afternoons.

I like playing computer games and watching films and TV especially science fiction/fantasy and horror. I also like westerns especially High Noon, The Searchers and Unforgiven. I also love Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz and Rocky Horror.

I like 60's music (esp. The Beatles, Brenda Lee, The Supremes and Jackie De Shannon), Lena Zavaroni, dogs and cats. I hate fox hunters.

Patience is a legacy program for windows and although it will still run under Windows 10 it hasn't been updated for many years!

I am considering developing Patience as a free web app using HTML5 and WebGL - a simple animation demo of this technology can be seen in the header of this page. But this would be a fairly big undertaking and I am not sure I have the motivation!